Wheel Yoga

By Nithya Priyan (ERYT200)

Backbends minus the back pain. Open your hips, shoulders and back safely using the Yoga Wheel.

The Yoga Wheel is an extraordinary prop used for deepening your backbends and gaining flexibility in the shoulders, chest, hip flexor and quads. It does so safely and painlessly by supporting your spine and stabilizing your back so that backbends are achieved with minimal compression between the spinal vertebrae. In addition to making backbends more accessible, it also serves as a prop for learning inversions and arm balances.In this two part workshop, Priyan will guide you step by step towards establishing a correct and safe practice of working with this tool.

This Workshop is for:

  • Beginning practitioners seeking to safely develop their backbend technique
  • Yogis of all levels suffering from tight or stiff backs, chest and shoulders or are seeking to improve flexibility
  • Yogis seeking a safe way of learning intermediate and advanced backbends, inversions and arm balances

Part 1: Multi-level Backbends

Saturday 16 September, 1:45-3:45pm

Part 2: Intermediate Backbends, Arm Balancing and Inversions

Saturday 23 September, 1:45-3:45pm


Venue: Yoga Lab East, 135 East Coast Road #03-01 S428820

Price: $65 per session / $120 for both.

Early bird offer - Paid in full by 30 August: $50 per session / $95 for both

Contact: +65 9833 5043 /

Slot/s will only be confirmed upon payment.

Payment can be made at all 3 outlets.

Non-refundable and non-transferrable.

About the Teacher

Priyan is an ERYT200 certified yoga teacher and a a Dharma Yoga Wheel certified instructor with over 1600 hours of experience teaching yoga students of all ages and levels of proficiency.

He started practicing in 2008 as a compliment to his meditation practice. Since then he has witnessed the healing and transformative power of yoga in his own body’s phenomenal increase in flexibility and strength, as well as his increased level of inner calm. He constantly draws from his own experiences in this rich and eventful journey to bring a maturity and peacefulness to each and every class conducted, attending to each student with attentiveness, patience and compassion.

Priyan describes his teaching as using postures to teach postures, masterfully weaving sequences together with the intention of building muscle memory and awakening body intelligence towards a deep understanding of the peak pose. As such his classes and workshops are physically intensive but also prio-perception based, striking a dynamic balance between inner focus and outer proficiency.

He has a firm belief in the practice of Yoga being a priceless gift handed down through the ages with its ultimate purpose being to facilitate a realization of the True Self and awakening to a Higher Purpose through the purification of body, mind and spirit.

#ProductOfPatience Workshop 2.0

#ProductOfPatience Workshop 2.0 is FULL FOR ALL DAYS

Thank you for your support!

This series is designed to create a deeper understanding and connection with the mind and body through simple yet effective sequences that can provide space and access in anyone's practice via "patience".

So often we live our lives through rushed time lines and high expectations, yoga is one of the very few practices that allows us to break free from all that. We're encouraged to slow down a little while still of course working hard just without the possible results of disappointment. So without any notion of where our journeys may go, through this series of workshops we will learn how with practice, time, dedication and patience we can all become a #ProductOfPatience.

Hips, Flips & Twists (12th Aug)

Hip and hamstring flexibility is usually the initial yogi hurdle we try to overcome when trying to "touch our toes" but forward folding goes so much more beyond having open hamstrings. When combined with opening the hips and stretching into deeper twists we allow the whole body to work towards folding/flipping in and around itself creating space and freedom. Should you be able to touch your toes, do the splits, put your leg behind the head or not, this class regardless will leave you feeling longer and maybe a little taller too.

Fly to Float (13th Aug)

Arm balances are tricky nonetheless but once understood they can create a sense of internal strength, power allowing us to open our minds and bodies beyond our known possibilities, plus they're fun to do! We'll focus on both static and transitional postures/flows by covering techniques and tricks to not only overcome your fears but level up your arm balancing through transitions helping you find that "float" in your practice.

Full Circle (19th Aug)

As much as we fold forward in yoga a balanced practice is not complete without bending over backwards. For most yogis back bending is often literally "a pain in the back" so in this practice we'll learn how to effectively and efficiently create access not only through the entire spine but also the entire front body from the legs, chest, throat and shoulders to allow for deeper and safer back bends. Whether you love back bends or hate them this class will challenge you to literally open up (in the best of ways) and find new space both physically and internally.

Root to Rise (20th Aug)

There's nothing more terrifying than having your world turned upside down, but overtime going upside down can start to feel like the right side up! It all starts with our base, when the foundation is strong the rest will follow. As we learn to build trust in ourselves this becomes the catalyst to the process of how inversions can restore our mind, body & heart. This class is suitable for anyone, whether you can or cannot invert options will be provided.

All sessions are 2.5 hours.

All levels welcome.

Price: $250 for 4 sessions, $75 for 1 session

Venue: Yoga Lab CBD

Dates: 12, 13, 19 , 20 August 2017

Time: 9 - 11:30am

Slot/s will only be confirmed upon payment.

Payment can be made at all 3 outlets.

Non-refundable and non-transferrable.


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