For Jasmine, what started as a means to lose weight nine years ago quickly became a passion and a respite from a dissatisfactory lifestyle. She left her corporate job in 2014 to embark on an exciting journey to share her knowledge and experience in yoga with as many people as she can.

As a teacher, Jasmine is nurturing and encouraging, and her classes focus strongly on form and alignment. Even though she has a wealth of knowledge to share, she remains humble and understands that her students, too, have something to teach her. She is always inspired by her students, and loves seeing students grow stronger not just physically but also mentally through their yoga practice.

The opening of Yoga Lab is Jasmine’s way of spreading her deep love for the practice, and she is thrilled to provide a safe environment for practitioners of all levels and a space for all to share their passion for yoga.


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Betty discovered yoga during her college years in Canada, where winters were harsh and Hot Yoga was her respite from the cold. Though teaching was never the intention of her first teacher training, she went into teaching full-time later on, after realising that a career in the fashion industry was not for her.

Ever so calm with a perpetual smile on her face, you’ll never guess Betty is a mother of two. This superwoman juggles between teaching, managing Yoga Lab and ferrying her two kids around and doesn’t ever seem to get tired – or lose that smile!

In Betty’s words, “The breath is everything. If there is no breath, there is no asana.” With such a focus on movement in tandem with the breath, her classes will give you that same sense of calm and groundedness that she herself exudes.

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Aishyn has been a sportswoman for years, but turned to yoga in 2016 after she became tired and unmotivated from competitive swimming. While there is no competition in yoga, the practice serves as a reminder and a tool for her to constantly improve and never remain stagnant.What started out as only wanting to do a headstand for a second, developed into much more than just achieving physical poses.

The Sport Science and Management graduate believes that yoga can empower anyone of all sizes, ages and even experience, just like it has for her. Her teaching style embodies exactly this as she strives to enable her students to tap into any undiscovered strength and flexibility in their bodies.

Aishyn may look small, but don’t be deceived by her size – she’s a certified lifeguard!

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Having been a dancer when younger, Amanda found yoga to be a great way to maintain her flexibility and build strength after she stopped dancing in university. She soon found that her journey on the mat also challenged her to live a better life off the mat, in the real world.

A large part of why Amanda teaches is to pass on the many life lessons she has learnt in her own journey, and to encourage others to find their own paths. She also has a not-so-secret plan to use volunteer for various causes by teaching yoga!

What excites Amanda most is when her students go up to her after class with questions about, well, anything and everything! She loves how a curiosity about the practice signals a desire to improve and become better versions of ourselves.

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An engineer by training and an unabashed yoga nerd, Annette loves learning about human anatomy and the physics behind each pose. She enjoys engineering her way to learn and teach new poses. What better way to marry fun with pinpoint precision than inversions?

An inversion junkie, the love for healthy challenges keeps her coming back to the mat everyday. You can often find her showing up on the mat at early hours in the morning, exercising her tireless reservoir of energy.

And she shares this reservoir of energy with her students, fueling them to feel empowered in turn. Beyond making fun and challenging poses accessible for all, Annette is a firm believer that anyone can receive the benefits of the practice in their own special way.

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Benny was exposed to yoga nine years ago when his back pain continued to trouble him after his second spine surgery. His first yoga classes were hot yoga classes, and they gave him inexplicably amazing experiences. After witnessing how a month of practice rid him of his lower back pains, he fell in love with the practice and was determined to explore other facets of yoga.

Benny has been running a design studio for close to 19 years. His penchant for creativity translates to his yoga teaching as well. He enjoys creative sequencing with smooth transitions. He believes in having a coherent flow to provide his students a pleasant class experience.

Always sincere and amicable, Benny loves to spend quality time with his family and friends. He enjoys forging meaningful relationships with his students. He likes to keep himself busy with the things he love–work, teaching, practice and family.

But don’t mistake his disciplined lifestyle as a no-nonsense demeanour. He sees the sunny side of life and loves to crack a joke or two for all around him to enjoy a daily dose of laughter.


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An inquisitive learner and a knowledgeable teacher, Cheryl is inspired by the dictum “as you teach, you learn”. With a background in the fitness and dance industry spanning two decades, she remains passionate about pedagogy and her students continually challenge her to tailor her offering, and to be effective in instruction. Cheryl also values the importance of facilitating students in their journey towards understanding how their bodies should be positioned in space and why. She communicates her emphasis on alignment and muscle mechanics, breath and prana, in an empathetic and encouraging manner.

Cheryl draws her material from a dialogue between a myriad of disciplines—aerobics; dance; barre; yoga; gym; pilates— each with a rich tradition she loves. Cheryl has taught at global fitness phenomenon Les Mills New Zealand and worked with athletes affiliated with the New Zealand Academy of Sport in sports specific conditioning and rehabilitative Yoga and Pilates. Beyond being certified RYT 200, she has also studied Pre and Post Natal Yoga, Kids Yoga and FlyHighYoga™. She is however not blinkered by the physicality of the disciplines, and continues to inform herself with ayurveda; Elite Plant Based Sports Nutrition, and other complementary fields to enrich her offering.

Cheryl lives by the mantra “Eat well, Train hard, Love yourself”, and whether you need to improve your dietary habits, your exercise regimen, or self-care habits, she will have a tip or two for you!

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A real adventure-seeker, Cheyenne would jump on any opportunity to hike up mountains, swim with dolphins, skydive… the list goes on. Despite being such an adrenaline junkie, she remains grounded nevertheless – a trait she attributes to daily meditation.

Wishing to share her knowledge and incredible yoga journey, Cheyenne embarked on a path that led her to become a yoga instructor – a decision she will never regret. She loves joking around in her classes, and laughs at herself when she embarrassingly slips on the mats in the middle of class. With her infectious smile, you’re guaranteed to leave her class feeling awesome!

She believes in always being thankful, appreciating what you have. With an unstoppable desire to munch on snacks, Cheyenne would definitely appreciate any nibbles given to her, if not a good plate of bread and butter pudding.

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Crystal stumbled upon yoga when she moved from New York City to Singapore. She first turned to yoga as a way to workout and de-stress, but it left an indelible impression in her heart which grew into a lifelong journey to learn more about the body and mind. The humbling practice has taught her happiness, patience and focus, amongst others.

Crystal is no stranger to teaching. She was a kindergarten teacher in Taipei and New York City, and she loved her craft. Why not have the best of both worlds? She began sharing her practice and love for yoga, growing confidence and mindfulness in her students. Her classes are devoted to helping her students gain more awareness in their bodies so they can move and feel well.

Beyond being a lifelong teacher, Crystal is a lifelong student. After her 200-hour teacher training, she completed her teacher training with Rainbow Kids Yoga so she could share yoga with kids of all ages, and she continues to learn and improve her offering.

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Having been a competitive sportswoman throughout her life, it was a torn ACL that ended her sporting career. Two years later, she found yoga through Groupon and hasn’t looked back since.

Before she started practising yoga, running, jumping, squatting or even touching her toes were completely out of the question. But after years of consistent practice, Erica has never felt stronger, fitter and more flexible. Through yoga, she has gained a greater sense of honouring the body, learning to love it enough to allow it to rest and heal. She never fails to remind her students that yoga is about healing the body, not injuring it.

“Effort before effortless” is how Erica lives, practises and teaches. Her classes are intense and invigorating, but you’ll have to try a session for yourself to see what the #SurvivedErica hashtag is all about!

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Although yoga and alternative complementary health was always in her family, Kathy only really picked up yoga as a teenager, during a period of spiritual seeking. She found solace in the practice, which has helped her greatly in overcoming emotional struggles and obstacles in life. This is the reason she believes that yoga is not just about the physical poses, but also about the healing benefits of the mental and spiritual practice.

Through teaching, Kathy wishes to help her students find their sacred space, and loves seeing her students get to a point of total engagement with their practice, experiencing personal growth mentally, physically as well as emotionally. Her classes are thus holistic, combining aspects of Yin, Hatha and Vinyasa, and focuses on what feels good for the body.

Apart from yoga, Kathy has interests in human photography and writing, but most of all, she loves travelling. Filled with an insatiable desire to explore the world, Kathy has been to 33 countries thus far, and has no plans to stop there.

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Yoga was a welcoming environment for Kim—lending space for her to breathe and feel grounded mentally during her years as an international finance lawyer, when she struggled with stress and anxiety. And she loved, too, how her body felt during the practice.

Kim is no stranger to the teaching profession. Her mum is an amazing English literature teacher and her dad teaches people how to fly planes! The empathy, compassion and want to nurture people grew on her and inspired her to lead people in the practice she so loves.

Yoga keeps Kim centred in between juggling the demands of being a mum of two boys; running a yoga business, and more. Through it all she remains a lifelong student, continuously informing her teaching, which her hubby describes as “fresh, inclusive, engaging and challenging and sometimes weird music.” Expect lots of fun in her classes!

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An avid activist for various charity causes, a vegetarian by choice and a fervent yoga advocate, Leandra swears by the mantra “If you don’t stand for something, you’d fall for anything.” She believes that everything we do, big or small, will have an impact on ourselves, the people around us and the Universe.

Before starting yoga, Leandra was always that one student in class who found ways to skip physical education classes and finished last in fitness tests. But when she stumbled upon Bikram Yoga 7 years ago, the class left her physically exhausted but intensely awake mentally, and that was when she knew the practice would be life-changing.

It simply takes one student to smile at her or say, “I can do camel pose now!” to make Leandra’s day. She finds meaning in knowing that something she did or shared in class helped students in their journey of self-discovery, and it is her students’ energy and passion for the practice that inspires her to keep teaching.

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A fitness junkie since her University days, Lina was well-acquainted with weight-lifting. Later she did long distance running and competed in local triathlons. In 2007, she found herself trying out a Bikram yoga class. The Yoga discipline spoke to her, and she began exploring the different styles to broaden her perspective. While her practice has evolved since then, she remains a deeply committed and consistent long-time student.

Lina has lived away from home since she was twelve, in Australia and later, England. Having lived overseas and being parented long distance from Malaysia during her adolescent years, she has cultivated a strong will and quiet strength, and this reflects in her practice. Lina loves movement, a strong and dynamic sequence, and a vinyasa-based practice.

Lina enjoys a healthy balance both on and off the mat. Each day, she weaves a fine balance between everything she loves—a morning practice, lunch with her yogi friends, errands, taking care of her daughter and teaching. On the mat, she is disciplined but adventurous. Expect a playful but grounded balance in her classes!

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With a whole array of interests ranging from windsurfing to experimental theatre, it is not surprising that Marian first started yoga out at sea. She was introduced to Stand Up Paddle yoga when she was actively windsurfing and hanging out by the beach a lot. She then decided to explore the practice more, bringing it to land. It was then a very organic movement from loving what she was practising, to desiring to share that knowledge with others.

To Marian, teaching others teaches her. Much of what she has learnt about the human condition comes from observing and interacting with her students, and she believes in setting up a safe space, proposing possibilities and giving her students possibilities to move as freely as they wish.

Have a chit-chat with her after class, and she might just tell you all about her dream of living in a tiny, self-built, off-grid house amidst a food garden!

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Feeling dissatisfied with her life as an interior designer, Maya finally took the plunge to leave after five years. She had two options: to spend all her savings on a trip to the Safari, or spend all her savings on a teacher training course. Which path she eventually chose is pretty obvious!

Maya’s unapologetically loud and fun-loving personality shines through in her classes, where she might just put you in a plank for 5 minutes, but still manage to have you laughing while at it! Though she keeps her classes light and playful, she places a large emphasis on alignment and awareness of the breath.

What Maya loves most about teaching yoga is the feeling of sharing space with her students, laughing and being present with each and every one of them in classes. That’s what makes her feel most alive.

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Poline is a firm believer that yoga is a a journey. A patient practitioner and teacher, she finds no need to rush the process. She is mindful about enabling her students to build robust foundations. With a strong foundation, the fancier poses eventually fall into place.

She devotes much focus on alignment and sequencing to prepare students well for the peak pose. And she holds a safe space for all students to explore freedom in their practice.

Poline is very excited and encouraged when students share the improvements they have seen in their practice, however big or small they may be.

Above all, Poline values every unique individual and celebrates their differences. In her words, “Everyone’s journey is different, find joy in yours!”

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An experienced teacher, Ryan effectively juggles the balance between tough and fun classes. His authentic personality and keen sense of humour shines through in the classes he lead. And with him around, no practice seems too physically demanding to overcome.

Indeed, seeing students having fun and feeling delighted with their own progress, inspires the love for his craft. A dedicated practitioner himself, Ryan never fails to find time on his own mat in between his teaching schedule.

But don’t be surprised to find the toned fitness junkie indulging in delicacies. In his words, “Life is short, eat, practice and enjoy life.”

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Stefanie relished the invigorating benefits an intense practice endows so much that she felt compelled to share this beautiful practice with her students. A dedicated practitioner who visits her mat daily, each day brings her greater understanding of the discipline, deeper body awareness and more gratitude for everything she can and cannot do.

Stefanie is a patient teacher with a versatile style. She guides alignment-focussed classes—with meticulous attention to particular poses culminating in a flow—and intense breath-centred practices equally well. A flexible teacher (pun totally intended), she tailors the class to the energy of her students. After all, she is a firm believer that the class is not about her, but about the students. Connecting with them and giving them what they need is what makes teaching so fulfilling for her. She loves classes that make her sweat, but leave her feeling grounded and energized, and she shares that face of the practice with her students.

She enjoys the simple joys in life as well, and in her free time she would listen to podcasts, go for walks, or simply sip on a good cup of coffee the slow and easy way.


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Valerie developed a passion for healthy living 10 years ago, but never really knew what that meant apart from exercising and dieting. Back then, she packed her schedule with activities like kickboxing and body pump, but eventually turned to yoga after she was left with a knee injury.

Barely able to touch her toes when she started yoga, Valerie strongly believes that you don’t need to be flexible, fit or skinny to do yoga. She loves how yoga is for everyone and anyone – no matter what background, age or fitness level.

Outside of yoga, the full-time nurse indulges in early morning strolls in the park and spends her days off hanging out with her dog and rabbit.

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Xin Hui

A former competitive swimmer, a passionate wakeboarder, and a co-founder of a Strategic Communications firm, Xin Hui is no stranger to a holistic host of challenging endeavours.  She was introduced to yoga as a therapy following a knee injury. Surprised that a regular yoga practice noticeably improved her swimming speed, she was quickly drawn to the discipline and became an ardent advocate of it. But what struck her was the blissful balance of strength and surrender, euphoria and serenity her first yoga class left her with.

Today, she often finds herself hanging back after a yoga class and exchanging pointers with other practitioners. A committed communicator, Xin Hui brings to her offering depth and precision. She understands yoga instruction does not exist in a vacuum—instead she strikes meaningful conversations with her students, calibrating a balance of science and art, technique and love.

Xin Hui has deep respect for the qualities of self-acceptance, self-love and empowerment the practice brings, and imbue these qualities into her classes. She acknowledges that she serves her students not by changing them, but by helping them cultivate quiet acceptance and love for their personal narrative.

What is her teaching style is like? Contoured, firm and supportive—like an awesome pillow. Guaranteed a good night’s sleep!


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The first time Zen tried yoga was when she attended a free trial for an Ashtanga class. Aching like never before the next day, she decided that yoga wasn’t for her, until she gave it another shot a year later after injuring her back. She was then hooked!

Through open conversation, Zen hopes to build deep and meaningful connections with her students, not just on the mat but also beyond the asana practice. She aims to inspire them through her own experiences and to share her wisdom.

Zen would be the first to admit that she’s the ultimate “auntie” – if you need to find the cheapest parking in the area, she’s the one to ask!

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