For Jasmine, what started as a means to lose weight seven years ago quickly became a passion and a respite from a dissatisfactory lifestyle. She left her corporate job in 2014 to embark on an exciting journey to share her knowledge and experience in yoga with as many people as she can.

As a teacher, Jasmine is nurturing and encouraging, and her classes focus strongly on form and alignment. Even though she has a wealth of knowledge to share, she remains humble and understands that her students, too, have something to teach her. She is always inspired by her students, and loves seeing students grow stronger not just physically but also mentally through their yoga practice.

The opening of Yoga Lab is Jasmine’s way of spreading her deep love for the practice, and she is thrilled to provide a safe environment for practitioners of all levels and a space for all to share their passion for yoga.


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Betty discovered yoga during her college years in Canada, where winters were harsh and Hot Yoga was her respite from the cold. Though teaching was never the intention of her first teacher training, she went into teaching full-time later on, after realising that a career in the fashion industry was not for her.

Ever so calm with a perpetual smile on her face, you’ll never guess Betty is a mother of two. This superwoman juggles between teaching, managing Yoga Lab and ferrying her two kids around and doesn’t ever seem to get tired – or lose that smile!

In Betty’s words, “The breath is everything. If there is no breath, there is no asana.” With such a focus on movement in tandem with the breath, her classes will give you that same sense of calm and groundedness that she herself exudes.

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Having been a competitive sportswoman throughout her life, it was a torn ACL that ended her sporting career. Two years later, she found yoga through Groupon and hasn’t looked back since.

Before she started practising yoga, running, jumping, squatting or even touching her toes were completely out of the question. But after years of consistent practice, Erica has never felt stronger, fitter and more flexible. Through yoga, she has gained a greater sense of honouring the body, learning to love it enough to allow it to rest and heal. She never fails to remind her students that yoga is about healing the body, not injuring it.

“Effort before effortless” is how Erica lives, practises and teaches. Her classes are intense and invigorating, but you’ll have to try a session for yourself to see what the #SurvivedErica hashtag is all about!

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Originally from New York, Katheryn moved to Asia nearly 10 years ago and has lived in Kuala Lumpur, Tokyo and now Singapore. It was in Tokyo where she turned to yoga as a means to connect with others, despite the language barrier. The practice not only gave her an indescribable connection with her fellow classmates, but also taught her how to be happy through gratitude, giving her an opportunity to fall back in love with her life.

When it comes to teaching, what Katheryn loves most is when her students have their breakthrough “moment of ease” – that moment when the mind clears, the whole body simply softens into a difficult pose and the body feels light.

Having fun, feeling good and getting stronger are Katheryn’s classes in a nutshell. She loves laughing with her students, but also emphasises on connecting with your feelings. On top of that, you’re definitely guaranteed a good sweat!

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Yong Xian

Yongxian found yoga when she was going through a difficult time in her life, and the practice helped her discover the flexibility, strength and balance within her. In a chaotic world where it’s easy to feel anxious and frazzled, she teaches hoping to help others find that same inner calm that she has found.

Being a competitive gymnast from a young age, Yongxian has not only developed a passion for hanging out upside down, but has also mastered the art of posture and correct alignment. She maintains that yoga, as a healing art, should be practised safely with a strong foundation. Her teaching style thus fuses her knowledge of body awareness and fluid movement, helping her students develop a stronger connection with their bodies.

With the Jack Kerouac quote “Live, travel, adventure, bless, and don’t be sorry” as her mantra, she loves filling her life with crazy experiences and adventures, living to her fullest in each present moment.

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A real adventure-seeker, Cheyenne would jump on any opportunity to hike up mountains, swim with dolphins, skydive… the list goes on. Despite being such an adrenaline junkie, she remains grounded nevertheless – a trait she attributes to daily meditation.

Wishing to share her knowledge and incredible yoga journey, Cheyenne embarked on a path that led her to become a yoga instructor – a decision she will never regret. She loves joking around in her classes, and laughs at herself when she embarrassingly slips on the mats in the middle of class. With her infectious smile, you’re guaranteed to leave her class feeling awesome!

She believes in always being thankful, appreciating what you have. With an unstoppable desire to munch on snacks, Cheyenne would definitely appreciate any nibbles given to her, if not a good plate of bread and butter pudding.

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As someone who constantly moves from one place to the next, living life spontaneously, yoga has a special way of keeping Sheranne grounded. She first discovered yoga when she was living in LA as a form of therapy and rehabilitative exercise after she had an invasive decompression surgery in her lower back.

What Sheranne loves about teaching yoga is seeing people from all walks of life come together to practise, with a common goal of wanting to make a change in some aspect of their lives. Her classes are lighthearted as she just wants everyone to have a little bit of fun and not take things too seriously.

A strong believer of chasing dreams, Sheranne feels that if you want something bad enough, set your mind to it, work hard, and let the magic happen!

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As an ex-auditor, Christine first started yoga as a means to keep active and unwind from her deskbound job. Long hours and high stress levels took a toll on her body, and when she was introduced to yoga, the physical and emotional release was unlike anything she had experienced before.

What Christine loves most about yoga is how it is an all-encompassing practice that caters to all body types and backgrounds. She also loves how teaching has allowed her to cross paths with people from all walks of life – all of whom come together to seek the healing benefits of yoga.

Christine believes in always finding time for the things that make you feel happy to be alive. Apart from yoga, she spends her days doing floral arrangements, baking and tending to her 2 dogs and 3 rabbits.

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Valerie developed a passion for healthy living 10 years ago, but never really knew what that meant apart from exercising and dieting. Back then, she packed her schedule with activities like kickboxing and body pump, but eventually turned to yoga after she was left with a knee injury.

Barely able to touch her toes when she started yoga, Valerie strongly believes that you don’t need to be flexible, fit or skinny to do yoga. She loves how yoga is for everyone and anyone – no matter what background, age or fitness level.

Outside of yoga, the full-time nurse indulges in early morning strolls in the park and spends her days off hanging out with her dog and rabbit.

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Although yoga and alternative complementary health was always in her family, Kathy only really picked up yoga as a teenager, during a period of spiritual seeking. She found solace in the practice, which has helped her greatly in overcoming emotional struggles and obstacles in life. This is the reason she believes that yoga is not just about the physical poses, but also about the healing benefits of the mental and spiritual practice.

Through teaching, Kathy wishes to help her students find their sacred space, and loves seeing her students get to a point of total engagement with their practice, experiencing personal growth mentally, physically as well as emotionally. Her classes are thus holistic, combining aspects of Yin, Hatha and Vinyasa, and focuses on what feels good for the body.

Apart from yoga, Kathy has interests in human photography and writing, but most of all, she loves travelling. Filled with an insatiable desire to explore the world, Kathy has been to 33 countries thus far, and has no plans to stop there.

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Even with a day job as a hedge advisor, Ruth teaches whenever she can as she feels the need to give back – and to her, teaching is exactly that. She thrives on connecting with different souls and being in the moment with her students.

Being in one of Ruth’s classes is an uplifting yet grounding experience, but also a sweaty one! Her classes are Baptiste inspired, and focus on building core strength, so expect a great workout. As she recognises that each body is different, she provides lots of variations for every student to get the full benefits out of each pose.

“Live boldly, dream big” is Ruth’s philosophy on life – and she, without a doubt, lives by that saying. Apart from being an advisor and yoga instructor, she is also an avid sky diver and scuba diver, as well as a makeup artist on request.

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After completing her teacher training in San Francisco where yoga is incredibly diverse, Rui knew she had to bring her experience back to Singapore and make the local yoga community more welcoming and inclusive for all ages, genders and shapes. As yoga has taught her to be comfortable in her own skin, she similarly hopes to help create a safe space for her students to feel better in their bodies – a sense of confidence that will eventually translate into their hearts too.

For Rui, the way she practises and understands yoga evolved after sustaining a thumb tendon injury as the result of pushing herself too hard. While her classes are fun and laidback, she also focuses heavily on safe alignment. She believes the sweet spot is more in the feeling of an optimally aligned asana rather than swimming between them at high speed, and loves balancing that with the feeling of moving and breathing together as a class.

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A lifetime in Track and Field left Sola with tight hamstrings and lower back pain. It was only in 2009 after he moved from London to Singapore that he found yoga, which helped him alleviate the symptoms.

Though yoga to Sola was initially to reduce pain and increase flexibility, he later found it a remarkable way of quietening the mind and centering himself. A mathematician by training and investment banker by profession, the practice helped him level out the physical and mental demands of work while deepening his awareness and connectivity of mind and body.

Sola believes in living big, never being a supporting actor in your own play. Apart from practising and teaching yoga, he also owns a trading and investment fund, practises functional and callisthenics training, and is also a keen photographer and musician!

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A former flight stewardess, Yoshie first started yoga when the demands of flying and travelling constantly took a toll on her body. So when she discovered yoga, she was immediately hooked. The practice gave her a feeling of restoration and empowerment and that is what keeps her going back to her mat.

 Despite ending her career as a stewardess, Yoshie is still consumed by wanderlust and would jump on any opportunity to travel to places where she can hike and dive. She also loves swimming – that’s what keeps her super fit!

 A well-balanced individual, Yoshie ensures a daily yoga practice, but also makes time for her family. Her favourite part of each day is early in the morning, when she makes breakfast for her family before sending her daughter off to school.

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Bev first got into yoga while attending university, where it was offered as a graded elective. She took it thinking it was an easy activity and hence an easy way to pull up her overall grade – but boy, was she wrong! The experience did, however, pique her interest in the practice, which led to her starting yoga outside school.

As a bubbly and super positive individual, Bev lives by the mantra ‘Be a Yes!’. To her, this means being open to learning and bouncing back from failure, powerfully. She believes in the exploration of the mind and opportunity, exposing yourself to what is out there for you, and opening up to what you can learn and what you can see.

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With a whole array of interests ranging from windsurfing to experimental theatre, it is not surprising that Marian first started yoga out at sea. She was introduced to Stand Up Paddle yoga when she was actively windsurfing and hanging out by the beach a lot. She then decided to explore the practice more, bringing it to land. It was then a very organic movement from loving what she was practising, to desiring to share that knowledge with others.

To Marian, teaching others teaches her. Much of what she has learnt about the human condition comes from observing and interacting with her students, and she believes in setting up a safe space, proposing possibilities and giving her students possibilities to move as freely as they wish.

Have a chit-chat with her after class, and she might just tell you all about her dream of living in a tiny, self-built, off-grid house amidst a food garden!

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Regina started yoga in 2011 as an intern in a consultancy firm. Her intention back then was to shed some weight as well as release stress and alleviate anxiety that had built up from the demands of work. Unsurprisingly, what started as a pasttime quickly became a (healthy) addiction.

Regina’s classes focuses strongly on alignment and getting the full benefits out of each pose, but more importantly, she believes that having fun and enjoying yourself is what makes a class or a practice session meaningful. She loves to be part of each and every student’s physical and spiritual journey, witnessing them growing continuously on and off the mat.

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If you’re looking to build a solid foundation in yoga while having a great time, find your way to Sahana’s classes. Her creative sequences and positive energy will put you in a good mood right away.

Sahana chanced upon yoga during her days as an IT solutions designer, and found the practice helpful in keeping herself fit and active. As her passion for yoga grew through the years, she eventually decided to pursue her teacher’s training in Mysore, India. The biggest leap for her happened in 2015, when she made the full transition into the world of yoga.

Sahana is a passionate consumer of organic products and a healthy lifestyle advocate, but also loves her desserts and chocolate. She also blogs during her free time as an expression of her thoughts, insights and experiences of yoga and the yogic lifestyle.

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Vivian fell in love with yoga at the young age of 17 after it provided her with personal growth as well as healing, both physical and mental. She has a strong interest in hybrid fitness, and she is lucky to have found her practice not just on the mat, but also on the stand up paddle board (SUPYoga), which to her is an ideal outdoor activity away from the busy urban lifestyle.

Vivian’s days are packed with work as well as outdoor activities such as paddleboarding, rock climbing and netball. Despite leading such a busy and active lifestyle, she stays grounded by ensuring time for her daily morning meditation, which helps the sensitive warrior in her attain inner peace.

Her lifestyle perfectly encapsulates the saying “work hard, play harder”, a mantra Vivian herself lives by.

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