Benny was exposed to yoga nine years ago when his back pain continued to trouble him after his second spine surgery. His first yoga classes were hot yoga classes, and they gave him inexplicably amazing experiences. After witnessing how a month of practice rid him of his lower back pains, he fell in love with the practice and was determined to explore other facets of yoga.

Benny has been running a design studio for close to 19 years. His penchant for creativity translates to his yoga teaching as well. He enjoys creative sequencing with smooth transitions. He believes in having a coherent flow to provide his students a pleasant class experience.

Always sincere and amicable, Benny loves to spend quality time with his family and friends. He enjoys forging meaningful relationships with his students. He likes to keep himself busy with the things he love–work, teaching, practice and family.

But don’t mistake his disciplined lifestyle as a no-nonsense demeanour. He sees the sunny side of life and loves to crack a joke or two for all around him to enjoy a daily dose of laughter.