An inquisitive learner and a knowledgeable teacher, Cheryl is inspired by the dictum “as you teach, you learn”. With a background in the fitness and dance industry spanning two decades, she remains passionate about pedagogy and her students continually challenge her to tailor her offering, and to be effective in instruction. Cheryl also values the importance of facilitating students in their journey towards understanding how their bodies should be positioned in space and why. She communicates her emphasis on alignment and muscle mechanics, breath and prana, in an empathetic and encouraging manner.

Cheryl draws her material from a dialogue between a myriad of disciplines—aerobics; dance; barre; yoga; gym; pilates— each with a rich tradition she loves. Cheryl has taught at global fitness phenomenon Les Mills New Zealand and worked with athletes affiliated with the New Zealand Academy of Sport in sports specific conditioning and rehabilitative Yoga and Pilates. Beyond being certified RYT 200, she has also studied Pre and Post Natal Yoga, Kids Yoga and FlyHighYoga™. She is however not blinkered by the physicality of the disciplines, and continues to inform herself with ayurveda; Elite Plant Based Sports Nutrition, and other complementary fields to enrich her offering.

Cheryl lives by the mantra “Eat well, Train hard, Love yourself”, and whether you need to improve your dietary habits, your exercise regimen, or self-care habits, she will have a tip or two for you!