Originally from New York, Katheryn moved to Asia nearly 10 years ago and has lived in Kuala Lumpur, Tokyo and now Singapore. It was in Tokyo where she turned to yoga as a means to connect with others, despite the language barrier. The practice not only gave her an indescribable connection with her fellow classmates, but also taught her how to be happy through gratitude, giving her an opportunity to fall back in love with her life.

When it comes to teaching, what Katheryn loves most is when her students have their breakthrough “moment of ease” – that moment when the mind clears, the whole body simply softens into a difficult pose and the body feels light.

Having fun, feeling good and getting stronger are Katheryn’s classes in a nutshell. She loves laughing with her students, but also emphasises on connecting with your feelings. On top of that, you’re definitely guaranteed a good sweat!