Experiment with our classes to see how you can create your own combination to begin or expand your personal practice.


Classes for exploring physical wellness.


Tap into positive effects of a Yin practice with this restorative class. Each pose is held for 3-5 mins to reach the deepest layers of your muscles and will leave you feeling open and relaxed. Great for beginners and those working with injuries.


Classes for experimenting with postures and poses.

Level 2

A practice for the experienced and experiment-loving yogi. For 90mins this class will push the boundaries of your practice, leading you into inversions and deeper poses. A minimum of 6 months of Lab time / regular practice is required.

Yoga 101

The absolute essentials of yoga taught to help you build a solid foundation for your practise. This course is best for beginners and those who want to nail their alignment. It’s also needed prep for the power classes.


Class combinations to help you get to the practice you want.

Select any two classes to create a combination
Grounded and free.
Strong and supple.
Skillful and playful.
Precise in movement.
Foundations of steel
A beautiful contradiction
Form and movement covered
Fabulously strong & bendy
Guns of steel - you're nailing it
Let it go, let it flow
A perfect path to supple strength
Bird of paradise
On the road to Baptiste Power Vinyasa!
And bend, and flex, and bend, and flex
Bend, twist, flex, flow. Your body will thank you the next day.
Strong and flexible? You're on it.


101Yoga 101


L2Level 2

BbBaptiste Basic