Yoga Lab is a Baptiste Power Vinyasa Affiliate


Dearest Yogi

This July, we are thrilled to bring to you exciting news — and to deliver a promise that we have always stood for.

Yoga Lab was founded on the promise as a safe space for students to stretch their comfort zones.

At the forefront, Betty—the co-founder of our beautiful studio—has been holding this space to galvanise our community of yogis to be up to something greater than themselves. Betty is one of the first Certified Baptiste Instructors around the region and a long-time student of Baron. And the Baptiste methodology is the pillar of her practice and the conversation with her students on the mat.

Naturally, we were honoured to host Baron, founder and director of the Baptiste Power Teacher Credential Course, in January. In May, we were equally thrilled to have Leandra Antounutti, the Program Director, lead the Baptiste Assisting course.

Today we are a yes to staying true to this promise of helping our students find their power, as we become the first and only international Baptiste affiliate and invite Baptiste Yoga into this space we support—so that in turn this powerful methodology can invite you to take on territories beyond the sanctuaries of your mat, where possibilities abound.

We move and grow. We pause and breathe. We dive in and find ourselves. These threads run through the fabric of our existence. Yet in the net of drudgery of our lives, they are easy to miss and forget. And the Baptiste methodology weaves these threads of asana, meditation and self-inquiry as intentional tools to enrich the tapestry of the human experience.

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This proven structure has supported many in discovering their strengths, and we stand ready to hold the space for our students to create their own experience with these tools. This is why we have decided to become a Baptiste affiliate and include this methodology as part of our repertoire of offerings. With this affiliation, you can look forward to more classes, programs, workshops with the Baptiste Institute. Of course not forgetting the Baptiste Power Vinyasa and Baptiste Basic classes that we’ll be adding to our class schedule.

This methodology is no magic; yet, it’s power lies in enabling students to make their own miracles—“Miracles in body, heart, and humanity”, as Baron aptly puts.

As we welcome Baptiste Yoga into our studio space, we welcome you, too, to join us and celebrate the joy of the practice.

P.S. Many of you already know we are opening our fourth studio at Dempsey. But do you know we are adding a new class type as well? It’s launching in July. But don’t probe us okay! For now, it’s a secret ;) Patience yogi!

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